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First let us thank you for just the interest in wanting to know how to help this organization!


We are a Charitable Organization recognized by the IRS as a 501c(8) Organization. Most all donations to the Fraternal Order of Police, Durham County Lodge #2 are tax exempt. The deductible contributions will be used for the following purposes:


To advance the safety of North Carolina law enforcement officers and their Families by sponsoring education which has the effect of providing information about law enforcement issues to the general public, including those matters involving crime prevention, crime detection and other methods of law enforcement, as well as about safety, education, job performance, ethical standards and general welfare of North Carolina law enforcement officers;


To encourage the exchange of information, and other community involvement, between law enforcement and North Carolina’s citizens about the above and other law enforcement and safety issues, so that there may be cooperation and coordinated assistance between and among law enforcement officers who work and reside within North Carolina, local jurisdictions and the citizens of North Carolina;

To assist organizations in the Triangle area such as Law Enforcement Touch Run for Special Olympics, Shop with a Cop, just to name a few that we donate money to every year.


To assist North Carolina law enforcement officers with educational opportunities for the advancement of their careers.


** To be in compliance with Article 19, Section 8 of the National By-Laws, the ONLY donations this lodge can accept MUST come from within Durham County, in North Carolina. If you are outside this area please go to the FOP Grand Lodge to make your donations. Thank You! **

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