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How to Become A Member

Becoming a member of Durham County Lodge 2 is an easy process and we offer two different types of memberships to include everyone in the law enforcement community.  If you would like to join our lodge, please complete the online application form and pay your membership dues.  Both of these can be done online and this is the preferred method. 


Note:  For Durham Police Department employees, please fill out the payroll deduction form as well.  You do not need to pay your yearly dues up front if you elect payroll deduction.


Types of Membership

Active Membership

Active membership is for full time sworn law enforcement.  This includes all municipal, county, state, and federal officers.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is for part time sworn law enforcement and non sworn police support personnel. 


Examples of police support personnel includes but not limited to Forensics employees, Communication employees, or any employee of a law enforcement agency.


If you are having problems completing the online application form or payroll deduction form, please email our Financial Secretary at or Lodge President at and they can assist you.

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