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Workers Compensation


Emergency Vehicles
Office Work

Law Enforcement Officers know that there are inherent dangers that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  In the event you sustain an injury on duty, you may need to file a Workers Compensation claim.  The Worker's Compensation claim process can be complicated and you may need an attorney to assist you with your claim.

What to expect from the Workers Compensation Committee:

  • If you need assistance with a Workers Compensation Claim, you can contact one of the committee members for advice. 

    • The Committee members do not provide legal advice, only guidance from their previous experiences.

  • The Workers Compensation Committee can provide you with a guide that was put together by the committee members.

  • In the event you need an attorney, the Workers Compensation Committee can refer you to an attorney. 

    • This does not fall under our Legal Aid Defense Plan and you are responsible for your attorney fees.

Workers Compensation Committee Members:

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